Gipson Buyer Agency

Working with selective and discreet buyers as only a buyer’s agent can, Beck is able to provide access and insight to the Texas Hill Country unlike any other.

Over 35 years of extensive and detailed ranch property appraisals have given Beck intimate knowledge of every corner of the Hill Country.

Not only will you benefit from Beck’s access inside and outside the MLS and other ranch listing publications, you will receive that benefit faster and with more comprehensive understanding of the property than could ever be garnered from descriptions, photos and even onsite reviews.

The Gipson Advantage

With the Gipson Buyer Agency, you can rest assured that there is no conflict of interest in any of the property negotiations. Your interest comes first, end of story.
No 2 buyers are the same just like no 2 ranches are the same. Meeting your specific desires is the primary aim of the Gipson Buyer Agency.
Because we solely represent buyers, there are no conflicting interests from representing both sellers and buyers in a transaction.
Because of his long history in the Hill Country Ranchland, Beck has connection and access to many properties often not accessible through the MLS or traditional listings.
Every client is treated with the utmost discretion and respect. Once you’ve linked up with the Gipson Buyer Agency, you’ve earned a partner for the long-haul.

Buyer’s Agency FAQ

What’s the difference between a Buyer’s & Seller’s Agent?

Traditionally, all agents involved in a real estate transaction legally represent the Seller (both the “Listing Agent” and the “Selling Agent.”) unless a broker becomes the buyer’s agent by agreeing to represent the buyer, usually through a written representation agreement.

What will it cost me?

No additional cost. In fact, a Buyer’s Agent can save you money by being able to negotiate with the Seller and Selling Agent to work toward obtaining the lowest price and best terms for you, the Buyer.

Why the change?

In the mid-1980’s, state licensing officials and trade organizations began questioning certain practices within the real estate industry. As a result, agents were required to reveal which party they were representing. Buyers began requesting equal representation.

What are the benefits of a Buyer’s Agency?

  • Advise and counsel a Buyer with unrestricted assistance.
  • Prepare a competitive market analysis.
  • Investigate any situation that might jeopardize the best interest of the Buyer.
  • Negotiate with the Listing Agent and Seller to obtain the lowest price.
  • Show all properties on the market, regardless of whether they are listed with Multiple Listing Service or other Ranch listing publications.
  • Full disclosure of useful information.
  • Confidentiality in all matters.
  • Loyalty between the Agent and the Buyer.

What if I’m already talking with a Listing Agent?

Unfortunately, if in your property search you call the advertised listing agent, you may have negated the ability to engage your own buyer agent for that property or any other property listed by that agency. Engage a buyer agent first, then begin an organized and professional search.

What’s the bottom line?

Buyers have nothing to lose by engaging a buyer’s representative because they can expect a higher level of service, typically at no additional cost.

“You wouldn’t address a legal matter without an attorney; why would you consider a multi-million dollar investment without a professional advocate?”